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We teach people how to thrive with the power of AI.

Online Courses

No matter what your technical skill level is, we can teach you how to work with AI and transform how you do work.

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Learn The
Basics of AI

Learn how AI works, and how to develop effective prompt engineering skills for work or running a business.

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Automation +
AI Assistant Training

Learn about the power of AI integrated automation design, building your own AI Assistants, and more.

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Transform Your Entire Approach to Design

Learn now to enable AI and explore your creative ideas at higher resolutions faster than ever.

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Mark Cuban talks about the urgency of understanding AI

  • "There‚Äôs only two types of companies in this world, those who are great at AI and everybody else"
  • "If you don‚Äôt know AI, you are going to fail, period, end of story."
  • "Whether you are an employee, you‚Äôre going to have to understand it and impact -- how it impacts your job or how you can use it to be better at your job.¬†"

Looking for an AI Advisor?  

Our AI Advisors have varying degrees of experience and knowledge depending on wha t you're looking for.  


Jack is the founder of Whispering Ai and is the creator of our first course, "AI For Everyone". Jack is a highly experienced and skilled AI strategist. 


Janel is our community and engagement whisperer, but also manages the academy. She's very experienced with consumer strategies and event production.

Become an

If you are one of our certified prompt engineers, and interested in becoming an advisor, we'd love to talk and discuss the possibilities! 

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Community Spaces

We have an exclusive community for our students and alumni, as well as cohorts you can join based on availability.


Students and Alumni have access to an exclusive community space.


Groups work together focused on a solving real world applications.

Live Events

We can host live virtual events with up to 200 participants anytime.

Join a Cohort!

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Participate for 4 weeks

  • Join¬†a team
  • Guided¬†by our advisors
  • Work¬†on objectives
  • Future cohort¬†access
  • Regular LIVE sessions

Experience Learning AI Specific To Your Industry 

We will be creating several cohorts throughout the year. Each one is 4 weeks with up to 15 people. A Whispering Ai advisor leads the group through a scenario related to a specific industry like the legal profession, marketing, financial, etc.

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Going somewhere?
Take us with you!

Download the Kajabi mobile app and have access to Whispering AI Academy everywhere you go. 


We have three ways for experts to make money on our platform

We believe in building a community of people who share a common approach to integrating AI into our work and businesses. If that's you, let's get you involved!

Become an

We offer your followers a special discount, and you get a commission on everything they purchase.

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an Advisor!

Get paid to offer 1:1 advice on our platform, for people who have specific AI needs that you have direct expertise in.

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Become a
Course Creator!

Work with our course designers to develop your signature course and host it on our platform.

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Interested in bringing AI in to your business? 

We offer several AI enabled solutions including AI Assitant / Agent Training, as well as operations and marketing automations. 

Checkout whispering.ai/solutions

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