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Whispering AI

We are on a mission.

 Just about everyone understands that AI is going to be a ubiquitous (everywhere) part of our lives, like the internet became after a while.

Only this time instead of having several years to adjust, it's going to happen in the blink of an eye.

We want to teach you how to have the relevant AI skills for work or managing your business, so you can thrive in this evolution and not be left behing by it.

Meet the people behind Whispering AI

We are dedicated to not only teaching you AI, but making sure you have a good experience and feel part of our community. We are all on this mission together.

Jack Skates

Jack is the founder of Whispering AI, and the architect of our courses and business solutions.

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Dustin Carpenter

Dustin is not only the tech lead at Whispering AI, he also helps us develop courses and creates demos.

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Russell Fink

Russell is our business development lead for B2B partnerships and our academy affiliate program.

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Our Manifesto


Yes to Synthetic. No to Fake.

Avoid anthropomorphizing AI (projecting human qualities).

Don't replace humans with AI, teach them to be better together.

The best way to avoid being marginalized, is to learn and participate.

Having a symbiotic relationship with AI is how we pursue Utopia, while simultaneously avoiding Dystopia.

Be empathetic to AI, so you train it to learn the best thing about our humanity.

Make sure you are in touch with your personal ethics, and how they extend to your use of AI.

We have all been conditioned by decades of movies and TV showing us AI as a sinister entity. It's time to explore a new narrative.

We believe that the best use of AI for a business, is to make room for growth by training your people, not putting them out of a job.

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