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Certificate: Prompt Engineering L1

Take our course on how to work with AI platforms and become a certified Prompt Engineer. Even learn how to create stunning synthetic media like this background picture.


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Included in the course

This course is for anyone who wants to get started with using AI for work or business. It includes the following modules to help you get started on your AI education journey.

Learning modules

There are 9 learning modules in the course. Each module includes at least one assignment, and one quiz based on the modules learning objectives.

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Upon successfully completing the course, and passing the final exam, you will get a verifiable digital certificate in your email with a link to share with employers.

Course Modules

We took a non-technical approach to teaching you the fundamentals of AI and prompt engineering.

Understanding AI
  • What is Artificial Intelligence
  • The Origins of AI
  • Capabilities and Limitations
  • Legal and Ethical Considerations
  • Create a set of ethical guidelines
Connecting to AI
  • AI platforms
  • How to get signed up

Prompt Engineering Basics
  • What is prompt engineering?
  • Anatomy of an effective prompt
  • Managing¬†common issues
  • Crafting basic prompts

Generating Written Content
  • Co-authoring
  • How to create an editorial style
  • How to write a book with AI

Generating Synthetic Media
  • What is synthetic media
  • Prompting for synthetic media
  • Applications in visual media
  • Design¬†the cover for your book
Analyzing Information
  • Connecting the source
  • AI analysis prompts
  • Analyze the book: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
AI for Work and Business
  • AI For Operations
  • AI For¬†Marketing
  • AI For¬†Legal and Compliance
  • How to draft a legal document
  • Create a financial forecast
Advanced Techniques
  • Creative prompt engineering
  • Scructuring AI's output
  • Design an outdoor coffeemaker

Safety, Privacy, and Security
  • Data privacy and security
  • Safety considerations
  • Create¬†a Personal Safety Prototcol

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