Advanced Prompt Engineering

Certificate: Prompt Engineering L2

Now that you know the basics of collaborating with AI, we take your skills to the next level by introducing you to AI Assistants and Digital Workflow Automation.

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Included in the course

This course is for anyone who wants to take their Ai skills to the next level and begin to develop powerful AI tools.

Train AI Assistants

Learn how to create and train your own AI Assistants and Agents.

Digital Workflow Automation

Start connecting multiple systems and employ AI agents to automate mundane tasks.

Synthetic Images II

Control your synthetic images even more, and learn about image extrapolation.

Course Modules

Below are the modules and lessons you will learn in Advanced Prompt Engineering.

Advanced Prompt Techniques
  • Deep Dive into Prompt Construction
  • Voice Conversations with AI
  • Multilingual and Cross-Cultural Prompting
Generating Written Content II
  • Advanced Text Generation
  • Narrative Structure and AI
  • Writing Articles
  • Interactive Narrative Creation
Synthetic Media II
  • Image Extrapolation
  • Image Parameters
  • AI in Music and Sound Design
  • Video Generation from AI

Creating an AI Assistant (aka Chatbots)
  • What are AI Assistants?
  • Assistant Instruction Framework
  • Privacy and Security in AI Assistants
  • Build Your Own AI Assistant
Digital Workflow Automation
  • What is Digital Workflow Automation?
  • Automation Components
  • Automated Scheduling and Resource Allocation
  • Email and Communication Automation
AI For Marketing
  • Creating Marketing Content
  • AI in Email Marketing
  • Predictive Marketing Analytics
  • Blog and Ad Creation
AI For Customer Support
  • Enhancing Customer Experience with AI
  • ¬†Automating Customer Feedback Collection
  • ¬†Predictive Support Strategies
Advanced Data Analytics
  • Real-Time Data Analysis
  • AI-Driven Decision Making
  • Text and Sentiment Analysis
  • Consumer Behavior Analysis
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