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Looking for Advisors to help you with AI needs?

We have a growing community of AI Advisors. They specialize in everything from AI for business, to teaching about AI Assistant and Agent Training.

We can also offer advice on automation design and implementation.

Our Team of Advisors

Each of our advisors has a different range of knowledge and skills.
Feel free to book time directly on their calendar below.

Jack Skates

Seasoned tech consultant working in 15+ countries and our founder and course architect. Also an expert Prompt Engineer.

Coming June 2024

Janel Stewart

20 year veteran of consumer insights research, a virtual event producer, and our community and engagement lead.

Coming June 2024

Avery Smith

Web developer, Web3, Crypto, NFT, AI Prompt Engineer and Automation Specialist. He can help you with troubleshooting issues.

Coming June 2024

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We are always on the lookout for skilled AI professionals that want to get paid to help others with their AI needs. Want to learn more?

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