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Our first course, AI For Everyone is available on March 31, 2024. When you sign up, you are given your own discount code, unique URL, and instructions on how to track your sales.

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Courses for sale coming in 2024

The below courses are being rolled out this year, and will all be eligible for a 15% commission.

Advanced AI
Prompt Engineering

Learn about automation and training your own AI assistant.

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AI For

Learn how AI can supercharge your creativity and design concepts.

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AI For

From scripting an idea to generating usable media ready for editing.

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AI For

Learn how to leverage AI in your firm safely and effectively.

Coming June 2024


For anyone who wants to have a career in the AI field.

Coming August 2024

AI For

Brainstorm outlines, develop characters, and help write dialogue.

Coming October 2024

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