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We send payouts 15 days after the month end. This is to avoid refund issues. Courses take 30-45 days to create. We use our own framework to improve quality and development time 

When you become an affiliate, you make an additional 15% on each sale.

How it works

Do you have an online course that's dying to get out of you?
Why not make it and get paid for it?!?!

1. Ideate a theme and outline

If you have some expertise and an idea for a course, our course designer will help you create a starting module outline.

2. Develop lesson content

We start by writing the lesson content, which then drives the needs of the interactive content elements that follows.

3. Develop interactive

Now that we have the module lessons written, it's time to develop the rest of the supporting elements such as intros, assignments, and quizzes. 

4. Produce videos and supporting images

During the course development process, we add placeholders for supporting media. This is where we produce that content.

5. Conduct student testing & make updates

We test courses with volunteer students who try our courses in advance. We then make changes based on feedback.

6. Launch and start making money!

Once your course is close being completed, we will launch a pre-sale campaign, followed with an official launch of your new course!

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Advanced AI
Prompt Engineering

Learn about automation and training your own AI assistant.

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AI For

Learn how AI can supercharge creativity and design concepts.

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AI For

From scripting an idea to generating usable media ready for editing.

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AI For

Learn how to leverage AI in your firm safely and effectively.

Coming June 2024


For anyone who wants to have a career in the AI field.

Coming August 2024

AI For

Brainstorm outlines, develop characters, and write dialogue.

Coming October 2024

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